GST Registration Cancellation

5 Points You Must Know about GST Registration Cancellation

1.  Non-filing of GST returns:

Non-filing of GST return may result in suo moto cancellation of your registration by the department.

2. Suo-Moto cancellation:

The department may cancel your registration of its own. However, before this type of cancellation, they will issue a show-cause notice and give an opportunity of being heard.

3. Change in the constitution:

You need to inform the department and apply for new registration if there is a change in the constitution of your business.

4. GST liability:

You need to pay the whole of your GST due before applying for the cancellation. Otherwise, the department will not cancel your registration.

5. GST final return:

You need to file a compulsory final return within three months of cancellation of your registration. Many persons tend to forget this, which results in a penalty of Rs.10000.

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FAQ`s Regarding GST Registration Cancellation

Cancellation of GST registration means that your registration under the GST has been cancelled with effect from the date mentioned in the cancellation certificate. The cancellation of GST can be done by the department suo moto or based on an application filed by the taxpayer. When it is cancelled based on the application filed, it is known as voluntary cancellation.

Suo moto cancellation of GST registration means that the GST department has initiated and cancelled your registration of their own without your applying for the same. However, the department can cancel your registration suo moto only after giving you an opportunity by a show-cause notice stating the reason for cancellation. If you do not reply within the time mentioned in the notice, your registration will be cancelled. There are many prescribed conditions under the GST rules where the GST Official can suo moto cancel your registration after giving you an opportunity of being heard.

The department has prescribed a form known as GST REG-21 for filing an appeal for revocation of cancellation of GST. However, this form is to be filed within 30 days only. This appeal form is a simple form with self-explanatory details to be filled.

No. You cannot cancel GST registration without filing the pending returns voluntarily.