Shop and Establishment Registration

6 Points You Must Know About Shop and Establishment Registration

1. State-Wise Rules and Regulations:

Every state of India has its own “Shop and Establishment Act”. Due to this, the rules vary from state to state.

2. Licence Validity:

The validity of the licence varies from state to state. In some states, the validity is a lifetime, and in other states, it is from one year to five years.

3. Different Names:

“Shop and Establishment Licence” is also known as “Shop Licence” or “Gumasta Licence”.

4. Issuing Authority:

The labour department of the respective state is entrusted with the responsibility and compliance of “The Shop and Establishment Act”.

5. Compulsory Registration:

This is a basic and essential registration to do any business or commercial activity as defined in this act.

6. Business Bank Account:

No other document, such as GST certificate etc., is required to open a current account in the business’s name if you have this registration.

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FAQ`s Regarding Shop and Establishment License

Every state of India has its own “Shop and Establishment Act” and is regulated by the Labour Department of that state. So, the registration process varies from state to state. However, in every state where you are doing business or profession, you must get your business registered under the act of that state. In some states, it is also known as “Shop License”.

The shop and Establishment or Trade Licence is known as Gumasta license in the state of Maharashtra. It is a compulsory registration for doing any business in the state of Maharashtra.

• Step1: Open this website

• Step2: Login using User ID and Password.

• Step3:Go to Menu> application>establishment application.

• Step4: Put the application id and check the status of your application.

The process to get IEC code is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Then go to “Services” tab> Dropdown menu> “IEC” tab> select “Online IEC Application”.

Step 3: Enter the PAN number of the applicant and then click the “Search” button.

Step 4: A new page will open. Fill in all the required self-explanatory details and proceed by doing OTP validation.

Step 5: Upload the scanned copy of the required documents.

Step 6: Make an online payment of Rs.500

Step 7: After this, check the application under Preview made and take a printout.

Step 8: Now click the final submission button.

The website for online application of the Shop and Establishment license depends upon the state where you are applying for the licence. The following are the steps:

Step1: Login to the state labour department website.

Step2: Fill the application form.

Step3: Upload the required documents.

Step4: Pay the fee online.

Step5: Check the status of the application after few days.

Step6: once approved, download the certificate.